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In real estate, business is only good if your prospects are interested in your products. That is why if you are good at serving your customers, word of mouth will enable you to gather more sales upstream. Your satisfied customers will provide you great leads to continue your sales streak, much like what a good real estate lead generation system do.

However, you cannot just rely on your loyal customers to provide you with leads that continually bring sales. You must develop a good system of lead generation, if you want to belong to those at the top of the ladder.

It is time for you to refocus and remind yourself of the basics of real estate lead generation.




Create your own website and blog

Nowadays, approximately 90 per cent of real estate transactions start with an internet search. Research shows that the average home buyer use the internet for 11 weeks before they can connect with a real estate agent.

If you don’t have a website for your real estate business, 90 per cent of property buyers will not be able to know that you exist. It is really very imperative for you to have a web presence because this is where the action begins.

You must have website that lists your services, the properties you are selling, and so forth. And to promote your website, you can also use a blog to promote your company to your community.


Take advantage of social networking

Create an account on all the popular social networking sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube. In addition, be active in interacting with those who are having social conversation in these sites. If you don’t have time for this, you can use automation software.


Begin lead nurturing

You can nurture your potential customers by providing them relevant information about your real estate business and the properties you are selling, but not in an at-your-face manner.

But be sure that you publish and update this information consistently in a regular manner. For instance, you can send follow up emails on a certain topic, or use the drip marketing method which is non-confrontational and simple.


Be acquainted with local businesses

You can earn the trust of your potential clients by referring them to local businesses relevant to their needs. But in order to do this, you must first start getting to know these local businessmen.

So, start getting acquainted with local contractors, mortgage brokers, mover, bankers, inspectors and so forth.


Ask for referrals

All businesses have satisfied clients and your business is not an exception. In fact you must strive to make all your customers happy in doing business with you. And this is to your advantage because when it’s time for you to ask for referrals, they will gladly hand you all the referrals they can think of.

You can enhance your “real estate lead generation” by setting up an automatic marketing campaign that can send emails to your satisfied customers regularly to remind them of your business and also ask for referrals.

To Your Success,

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Technology is expected to make life much easier. However as innovation establishes, a growing number of terminologies are developed. There are old-fashioned business people who can not merely cope and overtake the brand-new terms and lingos.

This post is devoted to everyone who is simply getting into the techno bandwagon. Our subject for the day is all about autoresponders and autoresponder leads.

What are Autoresponder Leads?



Things have not actually changed but have only become much easier and more effective. Sales are still created by a great deal of sales pitches. Communication with potential clients is still the vital factor. But in today’s contemporary world, you can make a sale without a human salesperson. You can have a computer program that will certainly interact with your prospective customers and lead them to the sale.

An Autoresponder is a device that permits you to collect names and e-mail addresses, and immediately follow up on those specific people. autoresponder leads are the possible clients that your autoresponder system has actually produced for you through a series of electronic interaction, emails, which are really just the normal sales pitches that are designed to drive them into the actual sale.

Working Modus Operandi

Picture your physical store that is just available in one area. You can only produce company from individuals around it. Envision your shop in the form of a site. Now, it is readily available to the entire world.

Now, you have to promote your internet site so that individuals will see what you have to offer. Then, you have to get your visitors’ names and email addresses so you can make follow-ups. Normally you need to provide something in exchange for this information. Any type of freebee will certainly do.

When you currently have a great deal of names and e-mails in your list, you can already produce autoresponder leads. Your autoresponder will certainly work twenty fours a day marketing your services or product at the same time with numerous potential customers around the world.

Now that your sales cycle has actually already been set-up and running, all you need to do is drive more traffic to your internet site so you can have more individuals to offer to. Can you envision the quantity of business you can produce if you only need to offer your web site, provide freebees and have a million topnotch sale agents doing the sales for you?

Business Boost

The Autoresponder is one of the most beneficial, if not the most useful online sales device ever developed. It’s you best salesman times one hundred, or times infinity. It is a sales system that allows you to conduct your best sales pitches to your prospects and service all your clients at the very same time from all around the globe.

Old school entrepreneur may still such as to adhere to the old methods and handle their clients, specifically the old time regulars, and the old fashion way; face to face. However, they undoubtedly would such as to explore the full capacity of their business.

So as the brand-new innovations come, everybody needs to welcome it. “Autoresponder leads” have taken businesses into brand-new heights. Who ever thought they could exceed their neighborhood and reach many individuals?

To Your Success,

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Do you know why the rich people are rich? They make a lot of money because they do things differently than average people. They cast a bigger net to catch a greater number of fish. They exhaust all their resources in order to get a bigger gain. In real estate, this big net represents real estate lead generation systems.

It is not hard to see the metaphor when the subject of making sales is discussed. In the matter of selling high ticket items such as real property, you need to cast a huge net to be able to close a lot of sales. The lesson is clear: anyone who is tasked with lead generation in a real estate company must cast the largest net.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Here are 15 ways you can cast a larger net so that your chances of making more sales is assured.

Tried and True Practices

These are real estate lead generation systems that have been tried and tested through the years. Research shows that two thirds of a company’s business comes from the tried and true practices.

1. Database Management of referrals – you need to create a database of all the referrals that your company has acquired all these years. They need to be organized specifically according to date, name, address, quality, and so forth.

2. Geographic Farming -you need to explore different geographic locations to widen your coverage.

3. Open Houses -getting your prospective customers to open houses is collaring them all in one place and at one time.

4. Direct Mail -this is a way to reach hundreds of customers with your message without leaving your office.

5. Expired Listings -you can still mine these listings because they can still reveal nuggets of gold.

6. For Sale by Owners -properties being sold by owners are easier to sell because you have added help.

7. Door to Door Knocking – don’t be afraid to go door-to-door because a lot of sales are closed this way.

Technology Based Methods

Statistics show that about 1/3 of a company’s business comes from trying new things, or innovating. Here are some suggestions:

1. Get internet leads from websites such as which publishes lists of names and addresses of prospective customers.

2. Use eSolutions such as the one being offered by which is designed to help homeowners and those in the real estate industry.

3. Use Zello, an app that can help you inform people about the properties you are selling.

4. Use social media networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and so forth, where you can advertise your properties for sale.

5. Use video marketing -everyone is using videos on their mobile phones. You can generate leads from many people by making videos of your properties for sale.

6. Use email marketing -one way to reach your existing list of customers.

7. Use Google Pay per Click -a great way to reach potential customers.

8. Use Text Marketing -this is a very fast way of reaching your target customers.

The question is: how are you doing in terms of practicing these real estate “lead generation” systems? Are you at number 10, 5 or even zero? Your success in lead generation will depend on practicing these tricks.

To Your Success,

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Generating new leads is one of the hardest activities in a sales. This is why a marketing company needs a good B2B lead generation system to get such leads. It will help the company in acquiring new customers who are interested in what the company is selling.

There are many channels through which these leads can come from. The following techniques in B2B lead generation will help your company get the leads it needs.




Identify your ideal customer profile

Having an idea of your ideal customer is important in allocating your company’s marketing resources. Get a good look at your customer data base and determine which of them are the most profitable for your company to pursue.


It is the Sales-Cycle and not the Buying-Cycle that is important to your customers

Research shows that 95% of today’s buyers use the internet to search for the products they need. There is part of the cycle they use before buying an item. This cycle must be completed before they are willing to part with their money.


Today’s customers dictate how the sale will progress

It is after their search that the buyers are willing to discuss the terms of the sale. Only after they have considered all their options will they be open to your sales pitch. Be ready to give them the best offer, or they will jump to the side of your competitor.


Publish relevant and intelligent content to catch your customers’ attention

Today’s customers are well-informed therefore you should play his game and provide him the best and the most relevant information about your product. If you tailor the information towards solving his problems, you got him in the net.


It’s not a sprint, but a marathon

Generating fruitful leads is not a quick, but a long, drawn out process. It does not end once you get the leads. The process of qualification continues until there is an assurance that he is at the right buying stage. You need to be prepared for a long and ongoing dialogue called lead nurturing.


Protect your precious leads

Don’t let anyone in the sales staff to lose your qualified leads. It is very easy for a salesman to do or say something that will discourage a good lead from being transformed into a buying customer.


Be definite on how your company defines a “sales ready lead”

Research shows approximately 80% of leads given by marketing to sales are lost because of ambiguity in this regard. Therefore, arrive at a consensus on sales ready leads to avoid losing them.


Recapture lost leads by creating a closed loop

If the sales team realized that the leads given to them are not sales ready, there should be a system by which they can be returned to those involved in lead generation.


Use automation

There are many marketing automation software available in the market today. This will simplify your lead generation work.


Harmonize all your strategies in lead generation

You need to harmonize all your lead generation activities to produce the results that you want. Only by using “B2B lead generation” will you be able to get the leads that you want.

To Your Success,

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Polishing your sales message and utilizing relevant and current information that will engage and educate your target audience is very important in making a sale. However, you need to know the benefits of hiring lead generation companies because you cannot make a sale unless you have a potential customer obviously.

It would be easier for you to get yourself in front of a customer if you use professional help. That way, you won’t spend valuable time in searching for qualified customers. All you need to do is to refine your sales pitch and deliver it.

Here are 10 reasons why you need to utilize a company that provides lead generation.



1. You can take advantage of their expertise.

Professional sales lead generators have the experience and the skill in creating sales leads. This enables them to provide a system that will assure positive results. Whatever the goal of your lead generation campaign is, you will be able to achieve it.

2. You can benefit from their scalability.

The number of leads that this company can supply will be more than what you will be able to generate using your own system. In terms of the various sectors, and the actual numbers of contacts, their results will far surpass yours.

3. You can enjoy the benefits of outsourcing.

You will enjoy a lot of benefits if you will outsource the task of generating sales leads. Your company can save time, effort and money on both your sales and marketing teams. Hiring lead generation companies will be cheaper in the long run.

4. You can get a higher response rate.

Their experience and skills in generating sales leads will result in higher customer response rates. They know which strategies work well with whatever type of product you are selling.

5. You can experiment without diverting your sales resources.

It is better to use a service company when you are trying out a new market segment or launching a new product. You can concentrate your sales efforts in more profitable areas.

6. You can save time on qualifying your potential customers.

The task of the service company is to qualify your potential customers. It will feed hat information direct to your CRM system, which saves you time in processing the data.

7. Results are guaranteed.

The usual contracts with these companies specify that they’ll provide a specific number of qualified sales leads from your particular target market. Some companies guarantee the cost per lead generated.

8. They provide clean data.

A good lead-generation company will provide you with clean and updated data to ensure that all your potential contacts are responsive.

9. You can gain international reach.

A good service company will enable you to reach a broad range of customers. You can enjoy economics of scale by using such service.

10. You can make use of additional services.

Many “lead generation companies” provide related services that will assure the success of your sales campaign. These include nurturing services, content services, and so forth.

To Your Success,

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In my first venture in affiliate marketing, all of my thoughts and efforts went into making money. As such, I tried many ideas, run into different directions and tried everything. Consequently, I made many mistakes that would someday hurt my chances of succeeding.

Thankfully, over the years, I learned that there are things that you need to avoid if you want to succeed in this field. I took a long look at my experiences and have identified the things that I did that were not productive.

If you are just starting in the business, please avoid these 5 mistakes that I committed during my struggling years in affiliate marketing.




Just selling and not helping customers

Consider that the term ‘affiliate marketing’ is not centered on marketing. In reality, your job as an affiliate marketer is primarily not to convince customers to buy. This is the function of the sales pages that your affiliate links are supposed to do.

So, help you readers to understand why they need to buy your affiliated products and not just cajole them that they need that product. Help them to understand why those products will help them solve a problem.


Too many affiliate links

Joining many affiliate programs without carefully choosing each one is a recipe for trouble. It is a different thing if you want to cultivate multiple streams of income, and just choosing anything that comes your way in order to earn money. You will not be able to efficiently manage all of them.


Going straight ahead without trying the waters first

If you will not try an affiliate link before joining, you can be led to a promotion that will blow up your customers’ inboxes. Consider the situation of a potential customer and visualize the things that will happen if they will follow your counsel.

For instance, if you wish to promote an offer in Clickbank, start by testing the vendor’s follow up sequence. This will give you an idea of how your customers will be treated.


Not using a tracking system

If you will not track where and when you made your commissions, pretty soon, you will be confused about how they came about. This is not good, especially if you are doing business with several marketing websites.

You need to track where your commissions are coming from because you need to know which web pages are bringing in the money and which are not. It is rather easy to create a unique tracking ID for an Amazon link, so take advantage of it.


Not comparing competing products

You should understand that when people are buying a certain type of merchandise, they usually compare at least three similar products. You should also do the same.

This method of “affiliate marketing” offers your customers more options. You cannot tell which product will strike the interest of a customer. One type of customer may like a certain product, while another customer may just ignore it.

To Your Success,

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There is indeed a difference between mentoring and sponsoring. The first one is engaged in the activity of teaching somebody to do something, while the second one is supporting somebody to do something. But there is also a definite correlation between mentoring and multi level marketing.

The connection between these two activities needs to be discussed. If you are actively connected with a firm that uses the MLM strategy to sell its products or services, you need to practice effective mentoring to get the objective that you want.

Multi level Marketing

Multi level Marketing

Here are some of the areas where multi level marketing connects with mentoring



The success of MLM largely depends on the degree in which mentorship is practiced


MLM is a marketing strategy that uses different tiers of people to sell a product or service. Being composed of different kinds of people, with different kinds of backgrounds, skills and abilities, the whole organization will not succeed if those at the top will not share their skills, and experience to those at the bottom.

As it is, mentorship and coaching is very important in all aspects of life, more so in the MLM arena. Almost all successful individuals, known and unknown have at one time been mentored by somebody who taught them the way to succeed in their particular field.


A novice cannot successfully sell a product unless he knows all its details


Most MLM outfits don’t just sell a single product. Usually these firms sell a line of related products which oftentimes consist of 10 or more items. Although this merchandise is related, they are different from each other.

Before a novice MLM practitioner can sell any of these products, he must first be drilled on their specs, uses, capabilities, and weaknesses. If this is not done, he may be able to sell a few and none thereafter.

And who can show him how these things work? This task belongs to those who are already in the know – the mentors of the company. As the novice gains experience, he may ascend the ladder and eventually become a mentor himself.


Mentoring helps everyone involve in MLM share the fruits of success


In an MLM outfit, the success of the novice has a repercussion on those at the top of the tier. If those at the top tier are just basking in their glories and are not concerned about the hardships being experienced by those at the bottom, their whole structure will collapse.

Yes, they may be bringing in the bigger sales, but only because they have already built a large personal base of network marketers. If they don’t continually recruit new initiates, their personal MLM structure will collapse, and the whole MLM organization will feel the pinch.

So those at the top of a “multi level marketing” organization must be concerned about the conditions of those at the bottom. And this concern is best shown through personal mentoring. These big wigs should have the objective of teaching the small wigs on how to get to their place.

To Your Success,

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What kind of business are you interested in? A successful one, right? Well if that is the case, then it’s important that you make sure you invest in proper MLM training.

Ideally, we all want to have a highly productive sales team. We want to get as much revenue as possible at the least possible cost. But that’s the perfect scenario and we all know it’s unlikely that we’ll form a team and expect them to rake in the big bucks right away.

And this is why you need MLM training. You have to plug in every member of your team to join a solid network marketing training so that everyone gets the same knowledge and hopefully develops the same skillsets.

If you don’t get everyone to undergo training then every now and then you will be asked by some of your distributors questions about your products, processes, etc. With training, these questions can be avoided.

Can you imagine having to answer tons of questions every time? By letting them undergo training, you can save valuable time because everyone will be on the same page.

Communication is Key

In any marketing business, communication is of utmost importance. Many established MLM companies distribute information regularly to their members through newsletters, social media, and webinars. If you are planning to grow your team every person must be plugged into your MLM training so that communication is smooth and efficient.

Benefits of MLM Training



Keep in mind that your team can only be successful if you are 100% committed to the success of your distributors. By using a proper MLM training you can gain the following benefits:


You Help Your People Make Money

Because they will have all the necessary skills and knowledge, they will be in a better position to sell their products. More sales from them will help you make money too. Everyone wins.


High Retention Rate

Many distributors quit because they feel they are not doing a good job in finding the right people and selling their products. But if you let them undergo training, they will be more effective in their role and be able to make more money. When they are making more money then chances are they will stick with you instead of quitting.


Keep Up with the Latest Methods and Strategies

The best MLM training programs encourage the use of the most effective methods and strategies that are appropriate for today’s economic environment. You want to stay abreast of the latest trends and information that will help you grow your business.

You may have to invest in a good MLM training tool or program but it will be well worth your money in the end. Imagine having a team of professional and skilled distributors growing your business and enabling you to make more money. You may not have the perfect scenario right from the start but no one’s saying you cannot build a dream team through proper training.

So find the right “MLM training” program and you can be on your way to a successful independent business.

To Your Succcess,

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Your approach to network marketing will determine how you treat your prospective sales associates. If you are only concerned about making money, your network marketing prospecting efforts might be able to achieve your objective but you may not be successful in having good relationships with your staff.

You need to realize that it is the people who make a company and not the other way around. If you are good at treating your people, you will have the best of them in your team – which is important for your success.

There are certain rules that define good prospecting. If you will follow these rules, your chances of success will be greater. Here are some of those rules.

Network Marketing Prospecting




Be Objective

One of the signs of a stable company is its ability to just stick to the facts and present its accomplishments objectively, with no emotions involved. This is a very important image that you must present to your would-be-recruit.

It would instill in him that your company is really legitimate and professional in the conduct of its business. This will give him the confidence that what you promise is exactly what he can expect.

Focus your energies in educating your prospect about your company so that he will be able to understand how it can contribute to his personal and professional goals.


Be Your Own Self

Don’t imitate what other companies are doing in their recruitment process. Think about how you can apply the successful recruiting strategies of others in your company, but not to the point of copying them to the letter.

Perhaps, you can inject your own individuality to the way you present your company’s goods to your would-be-recruit. Be the best of yourself, and not be a copy of the best of others.


Put Your Heart in What You’re Doing

Being passionate in what you are doing will influence how others feel about it. And being enthusiastic about prospecting will draw good people to you.

But since you are doing it in a professional setting, control yourself so that you will be able to avoid showing undue emotions. However, it is not wrong for you to be a little fired up when speaking to your would-be-recruits. It will help send your message across more convincingly.


Project the Image of Stability

Be confident in your demeanor. Your being objective will help a lot in projecting an image of strength and stability. Don’t present yourself to your would-be recruit as an individual who is not sure of what he is doing. Present an image that he can be confident with.

If he sees that you are in control of yourself and that you’re a success, it gives him an image of the brand, product or company you are working for. If you follow this approach when it comes to “network marketing prospecting“, you will be able to find the best people for your team.

To Your Success,

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Are you involved in a sales campaign that is taking too much time, money and effort and yet you’re not able to achieve your sales objectives? Perhaps, the sales strategies you are using are already outdated. It’s about time that you search for the latest direct sales secrets that will boost your sales techniques and make you more successful.

Marketing is a very volatile form of economic activity. If you remain stagnant in your approach, you will be left behind by your competitors. It is very crucial to your company’s existence that you seek the best new ways of presenting your products or services to your target market.



Here are some proven direct sales techniques that will help you achieve your sales target.


Recruit, Recruit, Recruit

The most important thing in direct selling and the one that ensures the continuity of the company is recruitment. You must be ready to recruit new sales representatives at all times. Recruitment is something that you don’t forget if you want your direct selling company to compete effectively in this highly competitive industry.

In fact, even if you have super salesmen on your team right now, it will not do you good if you will feel satisfied. There is no guarantee that they will stay with you forever. So, it would be best for you to schedule weekly recruitment training seminars where you can spot new potentials from outside of your company.


Establish Realistic Sales Goals

It would be tempting to just crunch the numbers to induce more people to become your company’s sales representatives. However, when people who have rose-colored glasses eventually experience the hard realities of life, they will take off without leaving any notice.

It is better to set a minimum personal sales volume for each one of your sales staff. For instance, if you are operating a home party plan, set the PSV to correspond with the value of an average home party’s retail sales.


Treat Your Sales Representatives as Your Customers

The most successful direct marketing companies practice a unique type of marketing. They treat their sales staff as customers and encourage them to use their products so that they will be fully confident about their quality and functionality.

In this manner, their sales representative can go out and convince outside customers to use their products. They will do this out of a sincere effort to help their customers take advantage of the benefits that their products offer.


Put More Effort in Retention

It is economical for a direct marketing company to retain a customer than to convince a new one. Therefore, put some effort in convincing your customers to be loyal to your products. This also goes to your productive sales representatives. You have to convince them that staying with your company will be more beneficial to them than transferring to another direct marketing group.


Measure Everything

One of the most important “direct sales secrets” is quantifying everything that happens in your direct marketing operation. By having exact figures on your sales, efficiency of recruitment, and so forth, you will be able to measure how much you have improved or how much you have deteriorated.

To Your Success,

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