The best email marketing strategy is the one that give effective ways to market your products and company’s products.

The most powerful way to advertise today is email marketing.

It should not be overlooked instead applied on a daily basis if possible.

That is the best email marketing plan of action every marketer applies.

Best Email Marketing
Best Email Marketing

How to Do the Best Email Marketing?

What is Email?

Well, unless you’ve been hiding for a generation, email or electronic mail, has become the number 1 form of communication in modern society.

According to recent estimates, the number is approaching around 60 Billion email messages per day.

Friends and family use it to stay in touch across long distances.


Co-workers use it when it’s more convenient than getting up and walking over or picking up the phone.

Email is used to verify who you are (on various websites)… email is everywhere.

Knowing that email use is so prevalent it brings us to our next section – why email marketing?



Why Use only Best Email Marketing?

There are five major reasons to do email marketing

These five reasons really ignore email marketing’s statistics – low cost, high effectiveness, etc. and really just concentrate on the benefits to your business after you’ve implemented:


The Amazing Return on Investment

Sales & Discounts




Saying in Front! (Of your competition, of your clients, of vendors)

Best email marketing to in house lists outperforms all the other direct marketing like print pieces, brochures, sales pamphlets, etc.

Email marketing is incredibly inexpensive to produce and replicate, but incredibly effective.


Send Information – there’s always stuff going on at your business.

You have updates, you have changes, you have information that your customers would appreciate having, and would appreciate knowing.

The best email marketing allows you to get out this information in an extremely efficient manner.


Compose one email regarding a recent change at your business – target an appropriate group of clients.

And then suddenly thousands of people you do business with every day know exactly what is going on.

Sending information – the real heart of email – is probably one of the biggest (and simplest) reasons why you should be doing email marketing.



Ecommerce email marketing

Email Marketing Ideas

Sales & Discounts:

Are you holding a special sale or offering long-time clients a special discount?

Let your customers know and you could be bringing in many more times the business you are now.


They say it’s most effective to sell to an existing client.

Best email marketing is a prime way to efficiently (but personally) communicate sales, deals or discounts to your audience of potential and existing customers.



Communicate your good news.

In business people like to know they are working with growing, prosperous companies.

Broadcast your good news, attain celebrity – even local celebrity, and continue to prosper.



Your customers, vendors, employees – everyone you work with – deserve a voice.

A quick email newsletter along with a survey can help you gain insight into all aspects of your business and associates.





Staying in Front:

In my experience in setting up and creating the best email marketing, the biggest thing I would like to communicate is staying in Front.

People only have a limited memory.

If you performed a service, someone will probably tell a friend or two – or refer a business associate.


But, as time goes by, as they get farther away from the date of the service, they may forget about you.

Email marketing destroys this time barrier.


Additionally, an email newsletter helps you stay in front of your competition.

People are busy, they will forget.

But, if your client does get targeted by a competitor an email newsletter – one that has helped keep your company in your client’s mind – is a great tool to retain your client.


Acquiring Email Addresses

There are a number of ways to acquire the email addresses of individuals to which you will send your email newsletter.

Any amount of size will do.

You can start small.


We started with only about 60 or so address (friends, family, colleagues, clients, etc.).

Your list will grow over time.

But, the ONLY way in which you should acquire emails are via free methods:


Existing Associates – Tap your existing clients for emails.

If you already have some kind of excel spreadsheet with all of your clients and vendors or if you are using more advanced CRM software start there.

Compile your list from people you work with every day.


Networking Events – If you go to networking event ask everyone you meet if they would mine receiving your email newsletters.

More often than not your list will grow incredibly fast once you start concentrating on it.

Most of these suggestions involve events and people you attend and see every day.



Trade Show – Offer a free gift, guide, or consulting session to everyone who is willing to be added to your list


Targeting – Different emails will have different audiences. A message you have for your vendors might not apply to your customers – in fact it might be imperative that you don’t send that message as it will send mixed signals or tarnish relationships.

That is why as you begin to acquire your list make sure to break it up.


This process will vary depending on who you work with; generally you will have clients/customers, vendors, leads, friends & family, etc.

As your list grows and you continue to hone in on your email marketing skills the more targeted your list is the better.


DO NOT USE PAID LISTS – Paid lists or compiling randomly found email addresses from websites throughout the net – although allowed – will lead to nothing but trouble in all but the most lucky or extreme of cases.

The best email marketing, when done right will take more time, but in the long run it will be more effective, have a higher return, and will keep you out of trouble.

Email Marketing Tools

Creating Your Email Newsletter

You’re ready to go; you’ve decided you want to do an email newsletter. You’ve spent sometimes gathering some addresses what do you do next?



There are a number of ways to do this.

If you are on a very small budget or just starting out you can simply use your own email, outlook, Hotmail, or yahoo will all work fine.

Paste your contact emails, draft a short message and hit send.


Outlook users can also do what’s called a mail merge – and if you’ve setup your email list through an excel document you can merge appropriate fields for a more personalized message.

If you’re looking for something more advanced, maybe something that is designed to look like a newsletter with your logo, you can play around with the tools the above services offer or move to a complete email newsletter service.

Personally, I am a proponent of Aweber.


We’ve been working with the service for years.

It is very easy to use and customize and you pay per contacts – not per number of emails sent.

If you are looking to create a more advanced look, with accurate tracking I highly recommend investing in one of these services.

Best Email Marketing Tools

Etiquette – Your email should be polite, but laid back.

Speak to your audience in the 2nd person, it takes a while, but the affect is tremendous.


Subject Line – Make sure your subject line pertains to the body of your email but, be creative and inventive.

Experiment with different ways to say what it is you’ve created.

You need people to see your name, see your subject line, and want to click.


Design – Whether you use one of the above email newsletter services or just your plain email keep design in mind.

You might not need a logo, fancy colors, or cool effects, but direct your audience’s eye with bold text, bullet points, colors, etc.

And make it as simple as possible.


Email inboxes are getting more and more cluttered and people have little or no time to actually read.

Quickly direct them to the most important points.


Content – Much like design, make your content short.

Typically a paragraph works, but a few sentences are better.

Time and time again in doing usability and optimization tests with clients emails that are short and simple perform the best.

Additionally your email needs to include a call to action.





Sending Email

When sending your emails there are two primary things to remember, send at the right time, and send to the right audience.

We discussed divvying your list up into different groups or lists.


As you acquire the emails, break them out as best you can.

That way, when sending emails you can send specific, targeted messages, to those particular groups.

That way we can send a message just to those people we’ve met – or perhaps a special promotion.

Tracking Your Emails

Depending on what service you use to send your email tracking may be difficult or simple.

This is another reason why we love the email newsletter services as they allow for easy, almost creepy, tracking.

You can view email-over-email who clicked on what and when.


As you continue to send out emails you may start to notice that a certain time works better or certain words in your subject line leads to better open rates.

Legalities Best Email Marketing

Basically you can send email to anyone, at any address, no matter where or how you got that address as long as these basic requirements are met:


Use a non-elusive subject line

Allow people to unsubscribe

Feature your company information (name, address, phone, etc.)


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Best Email Marketing Your Complete Success Guide