Okay, so now your a wiz with your traffic exchanges and you’ve heard about safelists/viral mailers and want to get into them as well.

With my safelist guide you’ll be destroying those safelists and be getting referrals and cash from your list all over!

The first step in the safelist guide is to be an upgraded member of VMPAYDAY EASY EMAIL CLICKER.

This cost $10 a month or a one time fee of $199, I always suggest you go with the lifetime membership as if you’re using these programs for the long run they will pay for themselves!

With TEMBrowser you can easily view safelist emails with great efficiency.

The next program you need to join is Referral Frenzy.

This site costs $15 or $19 a month (There are two different memberships the more expensive one will let you earn money from referrals) or for lifetime its $197 or $237.

With Referral Frenzy you can send your emails out to all your safelists with just a few clicks.

The first thing you need to do to set up this system is to get a free Gmail email address.

You need a new one to join safelists with.

DO NOT use a gmail address you already have, you’re going to get thousands of emails a day and you don’t want to get your personal emails mixed up with them.

Next you need to join all the safelists on Referral Frenzy that are in VMPAYDAY EASY EMAIL CLICKER.

To do this open the “Send Mail V2.0” page on Referral Frenzy and copy the names of the safelists into TEMBrowser’s search bar.

If you find it on TEMBrowser sign up for it!

After you’ve signed up login to the safelist on TEMBrowser and enter your username and password on Referral Frenzy (This is so it can send your emails out.)

This step can be intimidating, luckily you only need to do it once.

To make it easier you can split up the work and join a few sites everyday.

When I signed up it took me 4 days to do it all.

Next you just need to wait for your emails to come in!

Once a day open VMPAYDAY EASY EMAIL CLICKER and click the little gear icon on the right side on the screen, then click on Control Panel.

When the control panel comes up click on the icon with three gears on it and then on GMail Helper.

First up log into your Gmail account you made for safelists, in Gmail Helper under options set it to channel 2 then press the button that says “start to load Mailer Ads” let it load for a little while and it should open up a window in your normal browser asking you to sign in to google for VMPAYDAY EASY EMAIL CLICKER.

Then it will say “Google hasn’t verified this app” press “Advanced” and click on “Easy Email Clicker”.

It will now ask you to give permission to EASY EMAIL CLICKER, click Allow, then click allow again.

It should now be set up to work, now every time you want to use it just click on the “Start to Load Mailer Ads” button.

For the setting in option I set mine to 10 tabs at once and 12 clicks per mailer.

When you first get started you should do unlimited clicks per mailer just to get your credits up.

After a week just do 12 per mailer, this should take an hour and a half to two hours to finish.

After you’re done viewing your links, go to the Send Mail V2.0 page on Referral Frenzy again and let it load, once it loads select all and send mail.

You have to do this twice, first with the plain text mailers and second with the HTML mailers half way down the page.

Repeat this everyday and you’ll be rolling is quickly obtained credits to promote your sites with.

Don’t know what to promote?

I suggest your very own list!

For more info on that check out my traffic exchange guide here!


Important note:

Since TEMbrowser has been failing and is now off the internet, I had preferred to change it with something that has always been here and will remain here for years to come:

VMpayday has an Email Clicker which is absolutely fabulous, signup to start using it to earn credits and build your Downline on the fast track.


If you need information on how to use the software please contact support, they are very, very helpful and fast. You can also always write to me using the contact form.