Now that you have your Autoresponder set up, grab your tracked link and plug it into some traffic exchanges and Mailers!

Frankly it is all up to you, but these suggestions will surely accelerate your list growth if you use them well.

You can use any traffic exchange you’d like but I suggest the following TE’s and Mailers:






















Enter your landing page on these sites and get surfing!

These are my top performing traffic exchanges and mailers of all time.

You don’t need to upgrade in any of these but go for it if you want an extra boost.


One more thing for this step. You need VMPAYDAY EASY EMAIL CLICKER.

VMPAYDAY EASY EMAIL CLICKER is a browser made just for traffic exchanges and mailers, as a free member you can use 10 templates, that’s the ten sites above.

Buy those templates and make a group with them in it and surf!

With the next step we’ll be diversifying our traffic with some TE co-ops!


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